Ravensburger Limited Edition 2015 Sankt Letzte Vorbereitungen 1000 Teile Puzzle

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http://www.tommysimpson.de/ravensburger/puzzle/gelini/19483.jpg http://www.tommysimpson.de/ravensburger/puzzle/gelini/19483.jpg

Santa s Final Preparations is the 19th Limited Edition Christmas Puzzle developed by our British marketing and design team and illustrated by Devon based artist Roy Trower This heart warming design is only available for Christmas 2015 so catch it while you can Preparing for Christmas can be daunting at the best of times but imagine what it s like for Santa and his team of merry helpers This wonderfully colourful 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle gives you an insight into events taking place in Santa s house on the night before Christmas Father Christmas surrounded by his pets sits by the range cooker and enjoys a last few moments of warmth peace and quiet before starting his momentous journey He carefully checks his long list of names and ensures his route is correct There s so much to remember Mrs Christmas packs him a snack plus a little surprise present too The elves busy themselves with last minute wrapping one seems to be slacking and Dasher peers in as though to say are we ready to go yet Once Santa s finished his tea and put his boots on he ll be ready to take to the skies and deliver Christmas magic across the world Whether you enjoy this jigsaw on your own or with family and friends we hope you ll enjoy discovering and piecing together the host of decorations gifts objects china animals and characters Puzzle measures 69 9 x 49 7cm when complete
Teileanzahl: 1000
Puzzlefläche: 70 x 50 cm

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