Magische Geschenkbox Puzzle Rätsel Geschenkschachtel Geldgeschenkbox Geldgeschenk aus Holz

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100% brand new and high quality

Nice look with a slightly uneven finish – makes it look a bit ‚weathered‘.

This box is perfect for hiding small things you don’t want to be easily seen by others.

A seemingly could not be opened box, too difficult to open if not find the right way, which could put some small gifts, little secret to your friend or beloved.

This benefits of the box include relaxation, entertainment, increasing your brainpower and a surprise

Makes a wonderful gift for that someone special, it was something that happens once in the blue moon.

Can you find the keys? Do you want to give a surprise to your friends or beloved? just keep it, it’s the best thing to help you to make your idea come true

Type: Compartment open box

Material: Raw wood

Box size: approx. 15.3*8.6*5.4 cm

originelle Holzkiste, die sich nur mit einem Trick öffnen lässt
Größe: ca. 15.3*8.6*5.4 cm
In der Lieferung gibt es eine DragongPad Karte als Geschink.

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